Building, Zoning and Codes

The Building, Zoning & Codes Department is a sub-department of Borough Administration and consists of two full-time employees. This department is responsible for administering the following programs and procedures for Bridgeport Borough:

  • Code Enforcement
  • Building, Plumbing, Electrical and Mechanical Permits
  • Business and Contractor Licenses
  • Borough Rental Inspection Program
  • Issuance of Use & Occupancy Permits
  • Subdivision and Land Development Applications
  • Zoning Applications and Zoning Hearing Board Applications
Steve Wanczyk

Building and Codes Director, Zoning Officer
(610) 272-1811 (ext. 248)

Michael Kinsey

Rental Inspection Program Director
(610) 272-1811 (ext. 224)

Currently, Bridgeport Borough has adopted the 2015 International Building Code and the 2012 International Property Maintenance Code. These codes may be accessed at Borough Hall, or by following these links:

2012 International Property Maintenance Code

2015 International Building Code

The Bridgeport Borough Official Code may be viewed by clicking here.

Here are some helpful tips to know when obtaining a permit in Bridgeport Borough:

All applicable permits must be applied for and received prior to beginning any work, whether residential, commercial or institutional.

Building Permit Applications may be obtained at Bridgeport Borough Hall or by clicking on the "Building Permit Application" tab on this page. Two sets of plans must be submitted with the application. Construction or renovation plans may require sealed plans.

Plumbing Permit Applications may be obtained at Bridgeport Borough Hall by clicking on the "Forms" tab on this page.

  • Permits are required when relocating, re-configuring or adding fixtures supply, drainage or venting (riser diagrams required with permit application)
  • Only Master Licensed Plumbers may apply for a Plumbing Permit, unless the work is being performed by the property owner.
  • A current Master Plumbing License must be in possession when making application.

Mechanical Permit Applications may be obtained at Bridgeport Borough Hall or by clicking on the "Forms" tab on of this page.

  • Replacement, additions or alterations require a permit.
  • Specifications and/or cut sheets are required for unit installation.
  • Units to be installed on the exterior require decibel levels and drawings of location of unit on property. All outside units must be contained within property setbacks.

Electrical Permit Applications may be obtained at Bridgeport Borough Hall or by clicking on the "Forms" tab on this page.

  • All Electrical Permit Applicants must select his or her own licensed third-party inspection agency to perform inspection of the permitted project.

Use & Occupancy Permits are required for any resale of a property, whether residential, commercial or institutional.

At minimum, a Conditional Use & Occupancy Permit is required in order to move into a property.

All rental properties are required to register with Bridgeport Borough and submit to the Borough's annual inspection program. Rental Property Packets and Rental Unit Inspection Guidelines may be found on the "Forms" tab on this page.

Inspections: All requests for inspections are scheduled through Borough Hall by calling Angela Gear, (610) 272-1811. All inspections are done by the Bridgeport Borough Building, Zoning and Codes Department. When requesting an inspection, you must provide 24 hours' notice, the job location and the permit number. No inspections will be scheduled without the correct permit number. It is the applicant's responsibility to arrange electrical inspections with the 3rd party agency of their choice.

Fee Schedule: Bridgeport Borough reserves the right to request a copy of the contract in order to ensure that the permit fees are correct. The 2021 Fee Schedule may be accessed by clicking on the "Fee Schedule" tab on this page.